Annual tax conference

~ Fiscal Policy and economic growth in the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

~ Understanding the current tax landscape and correctional measures.

~ Adapting to the new world of doing business.

~Covid-19 implications and other key issues in Transfer Pricing. 


Our MTU is issued monthly and disseminates information about tax developments locally, within the region and beyond for the ensuing month. It tracks and analyses local and relevant international tax developments to enable readers to stay up to date with changes in the tax world. The content comprises of changes in tax and other business related laws, court decisions and announcements.

Module Based Courses

2 hours Online Instructional Courses (education courses) per day carried out twice per week. Participants will be issued with Certificate of Attendance per 2 sessions attended in a week.All courses start at 1.00 pm and end at 3.00 pm (Zimbabwean time)All training courses will be held electronically through webinars. The courses are relevant to anyone who is completely new to tax, or who needs a refresher and a thorough grounding.

Certificate In Managing Tax Practice

The following courses covers the mandatory theory and concepts on the Zimbabwean tax landscape. These are basic concepts required of every tax professional when discharging tax roles. The information gained can be used in helping clients and employers to understand their tax and business situation.

Managing Tax Practice-Basic

5-30 July 2021

4 Weeks

Managing Tax Practice- Advanced

20 September – 28 November

10 Weeks

Managing Tax Practice- Mastery

Date: TBA

8 Weeks

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