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Do you want to learn about Zimbabwe and International tax system? Are you thinking of starting your own tax preparation business? Are you a student in accounting and tax and wish to leverage your theoretical background with practical real-world guidance? Do you intent to be a tax professional, tax accountant and or tax administrator?

Matrix Tax School is created and run by professional tax experts with over half a century years of experience in tax training, tax education, tax research and development and tax policies and procedure manuals.

At Matrix Tax School we provide entrepreneurs, finance teams and decision-makers with the skills to understand when and how to access that expertise and improve your ability to evaluate the pricing and service delivery of tax advisers. Tax professionals often find themselves dealing with problems that could have been avoided by seeking expert advice in advance-engage us to build a culture across your business where the right questions are asked of the right people at the right people at the right time.

We help tax professionals expand their Zimbabwean & international tax knowledge to strengthen their service offering, through developing bespoke tax training programmes and providing comprehensive study packages for International Tax qualification.

Mission Statement

Matrix Tax School aspires to offer beyond knowledge training that addresses taxation challenges effectively.


To be the leading taxation training and resource center in Africa and beyond.

Registration and Licensing 

Matrix Tax School (Pvt) Limited is a company registered in terms of the laws of Zimbabwe and is a sister company of Tax Matrix (Pvt) Limited. It is registered in terms of laws of Zimbabwe and is a sister company of Tax Matrix (Pvt) Limited. It is registered with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education to offer certificate in tax operations. The school separately drives the training and publication vision as a fully-fledged training center in Zimbabwe.


The idea is motivated by the future of the economy and all plans are geared to exploit all training opportunities that come with the growth and expansion of the economy. The potential establishment of a foreign tax examining body also galvanizes the idea of a tax school, because it will seek recognition as a tutor in preparation of the exams offered by the examining body and an exam center. In addition to this, the curriculum offered by Matrix Tax School will be closely linked to the areas covered by the examining body.


Matrix Tax School boasts of a unique curriculum that caters for the current needs of the people and is dynamic to meet the changing needs of our clients. The curriculum is democratically conceived and consists of a team effort of tax specialists in the country and the region who input their ideas on a regular basis through rigorous and constant evaluations given the ever changing tax environment. Our curriculum complements and cooperates with the prevailing business and tax climate of our country in comparison to international trends and ensures that our clients are equipped with tax knowledge so as to preserve their wealth and businesses.

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About Marvellous Tapera

Marvellous Tapera is the CEO of Matrix Tax School (Pvt) Ltd and non-executive director for Tax Matrix (Pvt) Ltd. He is the founder of both Matrix Tax School and Tax Matrix. He has extensive experience in the field of taxation and accounting spanning over 20 years and broad knowledge of Zimbabwean and international tax laws. He has practical experience in respect of Mining, Insurance, Telecommunication, Manufacturing and Agriculture sectors and broad overall experience in all other sectors of the economy. Previously engaged as a consultant by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development in crafting the insurance tax legislation which awaiting publication into law. In 2017 he was engaged by Ministry of Finance and Economic Development to train the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority tax employees on taxation of specialised sectors (Mining, Insurance and Telecommunication sectors). He is the author of six books on taxation law in Zimbabwe which are a key resource aimed mostly at investors and covering essential information applicable to managing tax compliance in Zimbabwe. Marvellous holds a MBA (UZ), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Institute of Certified Tax Accountants (ICTA) and Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (CIS). He is a registered Tax Practitioner with the Public Accountant and Auditors Board (PAAB).