Customised Programmes

These are in-house courses that are customised with reference to the target audience grouping. The courses are highly customised and customer centric, tailor made for a specific industry segment, company, associations or group of individuals within the economy, senior executives etc. The School appreciates that not all persons have the same training need. For this reason it makes a proposal to them to deliver a specific topic to them to enhance their operations through refreshing the knowledge of their staff and educating them of recent tax developments. Because we operate in all sectors of the economy we are able to offer tailored content for company/group training that is specific to your industry segment. This ensures that your time is not wasted on irrelevant content. These are available to both public and private sector organisations.

Benefits of a customised programme

  • Can be conducted at your desired location, date and time
  • Lessons can be delivered via interactive group discussions and case studies
  • Training is relevant and customised to the value chain of the target group
  • Cost of training per person for a large group is insignificant
  • Comprehensive training materials will be provided
  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours for relevant topics

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