Module Based Courses

Delivered through e-learning platform, webinars and face to face interaction, these short courses are broken down into small parts as per set topics. Upon completion of a short course with the school, the School will present a certificate of completion of the specific course.

  • 2 hours Online Instructional Courses (education courses) per day carried out twice per week
  • Participants will be issued with Certificate of Attendance per 2 sessions attended in a week
  • All courses start at 1.00 pm and end at 3.00 pm (Zimbabwean time)
  • All training courses will be held electronically through webinars. Should there be any change this will be communicated to participant
  • Interactive Q&A sessions: The program format encourages participants to ask their most pressing questions and to make presentations during the course.
  • Materials: Each participant will be emailed an electronic training file containing additional reading material (e.g. summary case law and related articles/literature) upon registering and paying for the course.
  • All courses include practical sessions and participants are encouraged to have their calculators in hand and the training file.
  • The courses are relevant to anyone who is completely new to tax, or who needs a refresher and a thorough grounding