Partnership Opportunities

Take this opportunity to interact and show case products and services to key decision makers across the business community at the most prestigious meeting of tax community as a sponsor of the Matrix Tax Forum 2020! With 150+ delegates annually in the past, this year’s Forum is expected to grow exponentially through digital scaling. Forge new business relationships, share your experiences and position yourself as a go-to business in the midst and aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Showcase your company’s expertise to key decision makers as a partner of the Matrix Tax Forum 2020!

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Digital Space

Increased Brand Exposure:

Reach out to a wide network of target customers by showcasing your expertise and services on a 60 second video clip.

Digital Booth

Position your business in the minds of attendees through this platform. It will provide an overview of your product range and all information about you in one easily accessible space

Insightful data & analytics

Post Event Reports:

  • Get insights into how the attendees engaged with your digital booth so you can adjust your strategies for the future. 
  • Get information on who tuned in for the messages you delivered, or were involved in, and what their interests are.
  • You will have access to a summary detailing the number of meeting requests each of your company representatives sent out and received